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Welcome to 'YG-Stan' Tumblog !!

I'm a YG Baby. ♥
I'm forever YG Stan. ♥
YG Family is my Family. ♥
YG Entertainment is where I belong to. ♥
YG Entertainment is where I want to be part of. ♥

BIGBANG (빅뱅) & 2NE1 (투애니원) are the BEST !!!
♡ I'm 100% VIP & 100% Blackjack ♡

• Kwon Jiyong (권지용) is my HUSBAND.
• Park Sandara (박 산다라) is my HEART.
• Park Bom (박봄) is my SOUL.
• Park Sisters are my INSPIRATIONS & MY OTHER HALF. (Me and the Girls have the same Personality.. it's scary but awesome! :D)
• SE7EN (세븐) is my LUCKY NUMBER.

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KPOP Challenge #3  ▶ Lightsticks

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YG Global Audition

Hello! I’m back from the Audition. At first we were waiting Outside to get in

Since we were waiting we took some Pictures

(Ignore my Face.. Haha)

YG Global Audition!! Kekee

After 10am we went in and had to wait until we got our Numbers

That’s me waiting for my Number (I look weird because I realized too late that they were taking Pictures.. (-__-“))

I had to wait only 5-10 Minutes and while waiting I watched BIGBANG’s Concert (don’t remember which Concert it was (T__T)) which was shown on a Wall.

I went into a room with 4 other Girls :) They were so nice and very nervous.. just like me! I was the second one who had to sing and I must say I sang better than I thought I would. Because I was too nervous there were some little parts where my Voice didn’t want to sing like I wanted (-__-) (I guess they understand that I was too nervous) anyway.. the Girls said I was very great and lookes like “Wow”! xD I must say I was the loudest and strongest one in our Group. While singing I looked at the YG Jury (it was a Woman and she was so Pretty! :O) and smiled and tried to be confident and calm. There was one little moment when I looked at the YG Jury and she looked at me like this -> (O_O) <- like “Wow”! I wonder why.. So I hope I made it good in YG’s eyes and I hope to hear good results. Wish me Luck!! :)

I think the YG Audition was a great experience and I would do it another time when I have the chance :) I had alot of fun and I also met some nice Kpoppers! I’m happy and proud of myself that I did the Audition and tried it without regrets and I’m satisfied with how I sang my Song (I sang ‘Nobody’ by the Wondergirls) ♥

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Park Bom &amp; Me
I saw this Picture of Park Bom just now on Tumblr and realized that we&#8217;re in the same position except our heads.

Park Bom & Me

I saw this Picture of Park Bom just now on Tumblr and realized that we’re in the same position except our heads.

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